Divias Ltd. offers it's clients the following services:

  • System administration

    Support and administration of: Workstations - Widnows and Linux based operating systems; servers - Widnows, Linux and FreeBSD-based operating systems.

  • Network administration

    Design, construction, maintenance, administration and protection of computer networks and related components and services.

  • IT Management

    Planning, building, maintenance and optimization of IT infrastructure.

  • Application development

    Development, implementation and maintenance of software applications, according to the needs and objectives of the client.

  • Website development

    Dynamic, static websites development, online stores, forums, blogs and others.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Online and off-site search engine optimization.

For inquiries

you can contact our team by e-mail: office@divias.net or by phone:
+359 (0) 888 654 465
+359 (0) 889 930 831